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Some relationships endure; some end. I’ve just finished celebrating the 20th anniversary of my wedding to Judith Owen. We’re staying together.

On the other hand, Le Show is leaving KCRW Radio. Not of my volition.

On Monday, April 15, I had an Income Tax Day to remember. I was invited to hear a “proposal” from the general manager of KCRW. The proposal was, in fact, a notice of a fait accompli. Le Show was being canceled from the airwaves–something I had suspected might be the nature of the proposal, but the surprise was the timing: “effective immediately”.

Thus does public radio, in one more small way, come to resemble ever more closely commercial radio’s way of doing business In fairness, KCRW gave me a weekly hour for nearly 30 years, and our deal was simple: they got my program for free, and they left me completely alone. That deal is over.

Le Show will continue to air on the many wonderful affiliated radio stations around the country, and on our outlets overseas. It will continue as a podcast, as well. And I’m in the process of seeking an alternative broadcast outlet in Los Angeles.

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“I got a message that the general manager wanted to discuss a ‘proposal’ with me,” Shearer said. "I understand broadcast speak to know that that wasn’t, ‘will you marry me?’

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