YouTube to Launch Music Subscription Service

Google’s YouTube division plans to launch a test of its long-awaited music subscription service next week, the company said Wednesday.
Called YouTube Music Key, the service will be available on personal computers as well as smartphones running Google’s Android operating system to start. Beginning Monday, users will be able to listen to music without ads on the YouTube site. On smartphones, they will be able to play music in the background while they browse in other mobile apps, and store music for offline playback.
The service will be available free for the first six months, but by invitation only. It will then be offered for a promotional lifetime price of $7.99 a month, and thereafter, $9.99 a month. Subscribers to YouTube Music Key will also get a free subscription to Google Play Music All Access, a separate subscription music service offered by Google. A version of the Music Key app for iPhones is currently under review in Apple’s App store, a Google spokesman said.  Read more @ Wall Street Journal