Modern Music School Pasadena

Modern Music School teaches beginners, intermediates and professionals of all ages. Music lessons include: drums, piano, guitar, bass, vocals and band lessons. Modern Music School teaches rock and pop music for children, teens, and adults, whether for a hobby or preparation for a professional career. 

Habonim Dror

Habonim Dror in North America is an autonomous Progressive Labor Zionist youth movement whose members strive for the concrete expression of its values in their own lives and in society.


Habonim Dror Camp Miriam

Located on the West Coast of Canada, Habonim Dror Camp Miriam is a Habonim Dror summer camp that provides a unique camping experience for children who have completed grades 2-11. Camp Miriam is located on a 20 acre waterfront site on beautiful Gabriola Island, which is a 20 minute ferry ride from the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  

Pasadena YES (Youth, Education and Sports

Based at Wilson Middle School on Pasadena’s southeast side, Pasadena YES (Youth, Education and Sports) was created as an alternative to the win at all costs mentality of other sports programs offered in the area. Pasadena Yes brings together youth from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.   Pasadena Yes is a grant recipient of the Fishman Family Foundation and is worthy of your support.


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