The Real Story Of How Macklemore Got ‘Thrift Shop’ To No. 1


The No. 1 song in the country right now is "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a rap group out of Seattle. Their claim to fame: They got the song to the top of the chart by themselves, without being signed by a major label. They've bragged about this success in a video spoof and on Twitter.  But the story they've been telling — the story that's been widely reported — is not entirely true.  The truth is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hired a company to help them get their music into stores. That company, Alternative Distribution Alliance, is an arm of Warner Music Group, one of the most major of the major labels.

Still, the rise of "Thrift Shop" is something new. It's an indication of a power shift away from the major labels to the artist themselves. Clearly, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis accomplished a lot on their own.    Listen to the NPR story ….

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Flycut – App of the week


Flycut is an example of great software that does one thing well and solves a problem that almost everyone has.  It is a clipboard utility for the Mac that allows for practically limitless number of ‘copy’ items to remain available for paste.  The standard Mac clipboard keeps just one copy item – each subsequent copy replaces it so it’s copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste often switching between windows or tabs of a browser each time.  Flycut is a small “resident” program that allows for multiple copy commands to be stored for later pastes in any order.


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EZGO Electric

Reference information for EZGO Electric Golf Carts My thanks to James Gapoinsky and others for their contributions

How to Identify Ezgo Golf Carts


Step 1

Look for the E-Z-GO logo on the golf cart. The logo will usually be on the golf cart's plastic or metal grille; in some cases, the logo will be on the hood. The logo is easy to identify; it is simply the letters "E-Z-GO" enveloped by a black or silver oval.

Step 2

Look for a label on the back or side of the cart that indicates the E-Z-GO cart's model. RVX and TXT models are the most common, featuring clear labels on the passenger and driver's side of the cart.

Step 3

Write down the serial number as found in the glove box area. This is by far the most important piece of identification for an E-Z-GO golf cart, as every authentic E-Z-GO cart should have a serial number. On most E-Z-GOs, the serial number will be in the passenger-side glove box. However, some models have the number printed beneath the glove box. Additionally, reports that E-Z-GO carts made before 1976 will feature a serial number on the fender beneath the driver's side seat rather than in the traditional glove box location.

Step 4

Log onto the Cunningham Golf Car Company's website (see Resources) to compare your serial number to the list provided on the site. You will be able to identify the cart's age by locating its proper place on the list of serial numbers.

Read More: How to Identify Ezgo Golf Carts |

Electric 2002 EZGO Golf Cart User Manual 



How To Delete Files or Folders from a Time Machine Backup


1)  Using Finder, navigate to the location of the file or folder you want purged (the file may no longer be there if you deleted it).

2) Enter Time Machine by clicking on the Time Machine clock icon in your Dock.

3) Select a date when the file was on your computer by using the time slider on the right

4) Once you locate a version of the file or folder on any backup set, select the file and theb click on the action widget.  





5) Select Delete All  Backups or right-click on the file and make the same selection.

That's it.   more


Mac OSX Time Machine software is my favorite method for backing up data.  If you use a Mac there is no excuse for not using this built in utility that keeps a backup of your data on an external drive, another Mac, a Apple Time Capsule or, with some tweaks, a network storage server.

Like any back-up software from the dawn of back-up software, deleting a file on your computer will not delete the file from your Time Machine back-up.  A good  back-up solution allows you to recover from an entire disk drive failure as well as  recovering one file or even one email that you accidently deleted.

There are times when you really do want to not only delete a file or folder or email but to purge it from your back-ups.  For example, you work on a project that involves material covered under a confidentiality agreement that requires all material to be returned or destroyed at the end of the project.  Just deleting the files and folders on your computer will still leave copies on your back-up drive leaving you in breach of the agreement and potentially liable for damages if the drive is stolen and the information disclosed.  


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A Fix for Mac OSX Archiver Hanging Up – Mountain Lion 10.8.2

The Mac Archiver is Apple’s built in archive utility that handles  ZIP archives.  Recently, when I tried to decompress a downloaded ZIP file the Mac Archiver started up and then became         unresponsive.  I found the following solution corrects the problem –


1) Using Finder, open the Applications folder then the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.  Run Disk Utility – In the left pane select your system disk – on the right you will see the First Aid tab.  Select REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS near the bottom. Wait until it finishes.

2) Using Finder click on the GO dropdown menu and select Go to Folder.  Enter ~/Library  – that’s a squiggle forward slash and the word Library (uppercase L).

3) Open the Preferences folder and move the following files to the trash- (may or may not be there)

4) Restart your computer and test it.  Be sure to rstart before running Archiver again.

Back to School – Notepad and Audio Recorder for Mac

 Free or inexpensive software can make taking notes during class lectures more effective.  They accomplish this by recording the lecture as you take notes.  Later, by placing your cursor anywhere in the document, you can play the audio recorded at the time that note was taken.   

These programs make it possible to add notes that were missed during a fast moving lecture and remove the pressure of constant note taking when you just want to focus on what's being said.  When reviewing your lecture notes, if something isn't clear, you can play the audio from that point in the lecture.

 Microsoft Office Mac Home & Student  $99 3 license Family Pack Amazon
Audionote for Mac – $2.99  –  5.99 on Mac App Store
Audionote for Windows $19.95 by Luminant
Pear Note – all in one Mac Audio & Notes program $39.99 Mac App Store

Word 2007 for Windows has the recording feature although it must be added to the Quick Access Menu.  Word 2010 for Windows does not have the recording feature.

If you have Microsoft Office for Mac you will find this feature by opening a new or existing document and selecting the NOTEBOOK view.


then select the AUDIO tab to set up recording



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