YouTube to Launch Music Subscription Service

Google’s YouTube division plans to launch a test of its long-awaited music subscription service next week, the company said Wednesday.
Called YouTube Music Key, the service will be available on personal computers as well as smartphones running Google’s Android operating system to start. Beginning Monday, users will be able to listen to music without ads on the YouTube site. On smartphones, they will be able to play music in the background while they browse in other mobile apps, and store music for offline playback.
The service will be available free for the first six months, but by invitation only. It will then be offered for a promotional lifetime price of $7.99 a month, and thereafter, $9.99 a month. Subscribers to YouTube Music Key will also get a free subscription to Google Play Music All Access, a separate subscription music service offered by Google. A version of the Music Key app for iPhones is currently under review in Apple’s App store, a Google spokesman said.  Read more @ Wall Street Journal



Amazon Prime Photos – Unlimited Photo Storage Free with Prime

Amazon has added free “unlimitted” cloud storage of photos called Prime Photos as another benefit of it’s Amazon Prime subscription.  The $99 a year subscription now includes free two day shipping, Prime Instant Video: unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes, and expected by the end of the year, free 4K video streaming.

The terms of Amazon Photo limiot a single image to 2GB and a video to 20 minutes.  A wide range of formats are supported.  According to the Amazon website:

Supported File Types

For photos:
For videos:
.mp4 (including mov, 3gp, m4v)
.avi (including divx)
.mts (mpeg transport stream)
.mpg (mpeg program stream)
Supported RAW photo formats include: Adobe (dng), Canon (cr2, crw), Epson (erf), Fuji (raf), Kodak (dcr), Minolta (mrw), Nikon (nef, nrw), Panasonic (rw2), Pentax (pef), Sigma (x3f), and Sony (srf). Other RAW formats may be supported, but we cannot guarantee them fully.(emphasis added)
Supported video codecs include: h.264, mjpeg, mpeg4, mpeg2, mpeg1, h.263, Sorenson. Supported audio codecs include: aac, mpeg1/2, amr, wma, qcelp, pcm.
Photos or video file types that do not meet the above requirements can be found in Cloud Drive Files, but not viewed in Cloud Drive Photos & Videos. Unsupported photo file types are not covered under the Prime unlimited storage benefit and will count against your Cloud Drive storage limit.
Left unclear is wether RAW formats, generally used by advancewd amatures and pro photographers will count against the regular Cloud Drive Storage limit.  (Lets test it). Assuming “may be supported” means RAW images are included  makes this a valuable benefit to Amazon Prime members.  OSX users will be limitted to using the web sintyrface to upload images until Amazon completes work on a Mac client.  

Amazon Lays an EGG – Drops Eggnog Latte for Most of US

Don’t expect to find Eggnog Lattes at Starbucks locations throughout most of the US this holiday season.  Starbucks, in an unpublicized decision, has cut off most of the country from the beloved Eggnog Latte.  Cliff Burrows, Starbucks president, has said “At Starbucks, we strive to create a culture that values and respect diversity and inclusion”.  Where is the respect and inclusion for the Eggnog Latte?   Let your voice be heard and demand Starbucks bring back the Eggnog Latte.    Use the form at 

  Eggnog Latte?
WA, OR, AK, Northern ID, parts of Canada Yes
Rest of the country No

When you visit a Starbucks, ask for an Eggnog Latte and let the manager of the store know that Starbucks is wrong and you want the Eggnog Latte back.  Today they are attacking the Eggnog Latte, tomorrow they may send the Green Tea Frappuccino® (double blended with whip) to its death. 



Costco Tire Center – Breaking News

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The Costco Tire Center has always been a great membership benefit but it has not been without problems.  While tire installation is generally fast, 20- 30 minurtes, waiting for them to get to your car can take hours.  As great a deal as the $1.50 hotdog and drink at the Costco Food court is, you can’t stretch that out for 2 hours.  The anouncement of appointments and extended hours Starting October 27, 2014 in Azuza (check your local warehouse) makes the Costco Tire Service close to perfect.  

The Costco Tire Advantage already boasted incredible free benefits:

  • Lifetime Maintenance Services that extend throughout the life of the tires you purchase. (some limits may apply)
  • Lifetime inflation preasure checks.
  • Inflation using nitrogen – superior to air (for tires).
  • Tire balancing and rotation.
  • Flat repairs (some limits apply).
  • Road hazard warranty (many limits apply).







Deaf West Theatre, in association with The Forest of Arden, reinvents the multiple Tony Award-winning musical about lost innocence and the struggles of youth with an immersive production performed simultaneously in American Sign Language and spoken English.

Based on Frank Wedekind’s controversial 1891 expressionist play of the same name and featuring an electrifying rock/pop score, Spring Awakening follows the lives of a group of adolescents as they navigate their entry into sexual awareness. Featuring a cast of 25 deaf, hard of hearing and hearing actors and musicians including MAX FISHMAN as himself.



All Shows Sold Out 

Inner-City Arts
720 Kohler Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021


Sunday September 7, 2014 at 3pm [Preview]
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 8pm [Preview]
Wednesday, September 10 at 8pm [Preview]
Thursday, September 11 at 8pm [VIP Fundraiser Preview]
Friday, September 12 at 8pm [Preview]

Saturday September 13 at 8pm Opening Night  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, September 14 at 3pm [Opening Weekend]  — SOLD OUT —
Thursday, September 18 at 8pm [ASL Night]  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, September 19 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, September 20 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, September 21 at 3pm  — SOLD OUT —
Thursday, September 25 at 8pm (ASL Night)  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, September 26 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, September 27 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, September 28 at 3pm   — SOLD OUT —
    Performance moved to 8pm
Thursday, October 2 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Friday, October 3 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, October 4 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, October 5 at 3pm  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, October 10 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, October 11 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, October 12 at 3pm  — SOLD OUT —
Wednesday, October 15 at 8pm  – SOLD OUT —
Thursday, October 16 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, October 17 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, October 18 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, October 19 at 3pm   — SOLD OUT —
Sunday October 19 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Thursday, October 23 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Friday, October 24 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, October 25 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, October 26 at 3pm   — SOLD OUT —
Sunday October 26 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Wednesday October 29 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Thursday, October 30 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, October 31 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, November 1 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday, November 2 at 3pm  — SOLD OUT —
Sunday November 2 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT  —
Thursday, November 6 at 8pm  — SOLD OUT —
Friday, November 7 at 8pm   — SOLD OUT —
Saturday, November 8 at 8pm  – SOLD OUT —
Sunday, November 9 at 3pm  – SOLD OUT —